Monday, 21 March 2011


Reposting the older work i did that was deleted

Using a camera

My group today went out and took various photo's of people around the school
we learnt these three important rules when using it.
1. Use the rule of thirds
2. Position it somewhere still as this is important
3. Take pictures at the right distance

We then selected a photo that we would photoshop to our liking so by
making it brighter more colorful or just making it abstract.

Photoshopping Pictures:



As you can see i have photoshopped the picture by making it seem more bright and lively when
actually the picture was taken on a cloudy day.
i also cropped the picture a little so the water mark wouldn't show and i also made the actual picture wider so it would look cinematic, unfortunately it doesn't show on the actual picture upload.

4 Other School websites:

This is Ravenswood’s website and you can see the school logo on the left side, and the masthead showing us the schools name and there motto. 
Below this is a slide of pictures showing us the students/teachers of the school. 
There is then a bar filled with links as well as on the left there is a student area where students can log in and see their set work and feedback. 

Below this is a introduction to Ravenswood school and to the right of this is a bar with all of the latest news and on the left is also a bar filled with PDF and word documents which are downloadable.

This is Bishop Justus schools website it has a very simple colour scheme purple/blue, white and green.
At the top conventionally you have the masthead with logo on the left side then on the right side you have Rsfeeds and pictures of things which mean in order of left to right RsFeeds, Contact us, Favourite and a dead link.
Also it has a site search link, which helps the viewer to find what they want on this school site quickly.
It also has the same bar with a list of links and then below it has slideshow of pictures showing off the school and it’s facilities, then on right side you have a picture of the head teacher with a introduction of the school.

This is Hayes school and you can see that there the banner at the top, on the left side of this banner is the logo of Hayes school and below this shows all the information you would need to contact the school.
Unlike the rest of the sites there is no bar of links going horizontally across the site but the links are all on the left side in a box. 

There is also a head teachers welcome on the right side and then on the centre of the site there is a slideshow of information for students and parents alike.

Saint Olave’s website has a large slideshow in the centre of the website filled with quotes and achievements and facts. 

On the top of the website there are some icons which stand for their achievements so for example the logo of the atom revolving stands for there ‘science speciality status’
To the right of this are two links one is contact us and the other is login for the students or teachers.
Below the slideshow is four more links which offer information about the school, admissions, programmes, dates that would be important to parents and also recent events.

School Website:

The school that i have made is called downham secondary school and have designed it with
the help from the studying i have done on other schools.
it will have the logo at the top of the website along with a bar with links on them and a search
button which will be located on the far right corner with seems conventional as all of the other
school sites.
it will also have a links that will directly show on the website such as the weather forcast and
Google Maps which will show exactly where the school is located.
There will also be a student log in area which will provide links for all the subjects that might do.

Main Website Brief:

The website that me and george will be making will be based around ADHD which stands for
attention defecit hyperactivity disorder and the site will be a charity that will help children and parents
to deal with this.
The website will have 8 pages with a similar layout to a school website as it will have a mast then a logo and a bar full of links which will stand out.
and from the charity sites that i have looked at i have decided that the site should have links to other help-lines such as child-line, nspcc and numbers to phone.
it will also have link to the most popular social networking sites which can help share our site to wider audiences.

Survey Analysis:

The main survey that me and george conducted can be used to contribute to our overall website and our understanding of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

The first question of our survey was 'what gender are you' and the majority of people who volunteered to do the survey were male (23) and (7) female, this is relevant as the majority of people who have ADHD are boys. 

we also surveyed a wide range of ages from 17-20 to 60+ and this matters as ADHD is something that you have to live with and you may deal with it but you will always have it.
We also asked the the 17 year olds as by then if not dealt with, it can be very easily recognized when at a older age rather when you are young.

We also asked the older participants if they had any children and if they had we asked the ages of them and if they ever considered that instead of their child or children wasn't just naughty and had been afflicted with ADHD, if so it would back up the suggested percentages saying ADHD effects 2 to 5% children globally.

The next question in the survey that we made was 'what activities do you think are most important to you' and the activities were socializing, cooking, drinking, reading and sport.
this is not a random question as it is scientifically proven that asides from taking medication a change of lifestyle and either help or hinder ADHD.

The rest of the survey follows the actual website and what our participants think is needed in it and what they think is least important. 

George and me learnt that the majority of people thought that having regular updates on the site was important then after that they wanted photo's, videos and a nice colour scheme.
the people who filled in the survey also thought that any organization needed a website and that finally having help-line numbers and email addresses on our website wouldn't be obstructive and actually would be helpful.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Survey & Results

Recently me and george made a survey and we asked 30 people to fill it in
these are the results for it.