Thursday, 5 May 2011

Main Website

I will be showing you all of my pages for my main website and be telling you
what i've done on some pages and why i did it.

This is the homepage and it has the news in brief along with a video
telling you what ADHD is and how it could affect you.
The logo, Masthead, log in/register, and bar will be in every page of
our website.
we did this because then whenever the visitor of our site wants to go to
a different page they wouldn't have to back track all the way to this site
to click on what they wanted.

The second page explains what our site is totally about and how it helps people
the picture of brad was taken by my partner george at a real football match.
we put the picture on the middle of the page to catch the eye of the visitor and then
on the right we put a short story about brad then more information.

This is our campaigns site and for this we put a large lump of information to the left
explaining everything our charity did and then to the right as a recurring box you will
realise later is the news feed, we thought that this would make our site interesting as it
would have all the current news about ADHD or controversial matters that revolve
around it.

The support us page rightfully has a picture of a teenager receiving help from another
person then above it tells you all the information you need to know in 3 small paragraphs.
once again you can see the news feed on the right.

This is the join us site and you can see that all our bold words we had to categorize the
information are in blue and it is the exact same blue that is used in the logo i made, this is because
we wanted our site to attract everyone and so not being one sided we used very simple primary colors
such as blue, white, grey and black so it can appeal to everyone and our site looks very neat without
any clusters.

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